Life of Adventure, Exploration, and the Arts

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This is the year for you! The year to make your passions come alive, your dreams come true, and to make a difference.

If that sounds selfish, think about what will happen. The person who is fulfilled and taking time for themselves will be a much better person for this world!

Of course this does not mean that right now you will make your living doing what you love. Wouldn't it be great though if more people could support themselves and their family doing what they are most passionate about.

Take a Leap of Faith and Make a decision to sign up for a class. Try Yoga to Relax AND Strengthen your body. Get out the bicycle and actually ride it! Start the first chapter of the book you have wanted to write ...oh for how long now?

Do something extraordinary and forget about what anyone else may think about it!

Jackson Pollock Art
Make a trip to the art supply store. Splurge on new walking shoes.
Take a Gourmet Cooking Class. Read for an hour before bed. Join a Book Club. Turn off the television.


The year is 2012 and it seems the Millennium just occurred, so lets not wait another year to take that opportunity for a bold new adventure. "Just do It!"

Voice Classes, make your own video, take up photography...

Dreams do come true; however you must do your part!

Now for the winner of the Giveaway from Serena & Lily Glenda of Notes on the Journey has won the lovely trio of Jala Frames. Congratulations Glenda.! I hope you will visit Glenda's site. She has a special story to tell. Her passion is very apparent and she is also a lighthearted fun lady!

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive through my recent surgeries, recoveries and months of rehab to come! 

Can you tell I have had some time to think about this precious life we have been given?


Art by Karena

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